We create sand-carved, custom, eco-friendly pieces of art that would otherwise be sent to a landfill or go through the recycling process.  Found glass becomes your treasure as we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!  We upcycle unusual, colorful everyday and vintage glass and other pieces to create unique and personal items that suit your style. 

Our Husband and Wife partnership extends to our craft.  We work together to create pieces of art that represent the things you love!  Our specialty is custom wine bottle lights – designed to fit your personal taste and highlight your personality.  From the bottle light business grew an adventurous glass enhancement craft.  We can embellish drinking glasses, cups, decanters, dish and hand soap and lotion dispensers, hurricane shades, lamps, vases, serving dishes and trays, oil and vinegar bottles, bird feeders, planters, back-lit mirrors and even fountains.  The engravings are sandblasted and not only won't fade over time and are dishwasher safe, but also leave a beautiful, crisp satin finish! 

Additionally, we create custom towels, t-shirts and various other items using vinyl!